Friday, August 13, 2010

Sema Kenya

So the other day (3 Months ago) I found out that my school project was considered worthy of a mention on the school's website. It may seem a like a small fete to most but to me, its very encouraging. Representing Africa in a positive light to the world has always been one of my inspirations behind my designs. I am therefore happy to share the link below.... May be one day I'll launch the site officially. Click on the link below to view the project.

Sema Kenya


  1. Dude, thats awesome!
    crazy, i went to limko too, how did u get on
    (apart from ur work being impressive ofcourse)
    much inspired.

    big ups!

    Mizz Eizzy

  2. Mizz Eizzy

    Thanks for the love. I joined through the district which I believe you can also do here;